Dental Maintenance Services

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Amazing Smile Offers Periodontal Maintenance.

Similar to a regular teeth cleaning, periodontal maintenance removes tartar buildup from the teeth. Unlike a normal, preventative cleaning, periodontal maintenance is a treatment prescribed to combat periodontal disease. It involves both scaling and root planing, meaning tartar must be removed from deep between the teeth and gums.

During a periodontal maintenance appointment, the hygienist will remove tartar build up from in between your teeth and gums down the entire length of each tooth, stopping where the gum, root and bone meet. Your hygienist will carefully monitor the depth of each pocket in your gums and irrigate these pockets with antiseptic medications, if inflammation or infection are present.

Periodontal maintenance appointments only occur after a patient has been diagnosed with periodontal disease and treated for periodontal root planing & scaling. These types of cleanings are usually recommended every three to four months in order to maintain gum health and eradicate the dangerous bacterial growth that occurs with periodontal disease.

Benefits of Periodontal Maintenance

Fresher Breath: Bad breath is an indicator of periodontal disease, which is caused by rotting food particles below your gum line, gum infection, and periodontal issues. During Periodontal maintenance, plaque, calculus, and bacteria are removed, which alleviates irritation and freshens up your breath.

Tartar Removal: Get rid of tooth decay causing tartar. The best brushing and flossing at home is not enough to remove debris, bacteria and gum pocket deposits, because specialized dental equipment and techniques are needed in order to treat problems like tartar, also known as calculus and plaque buildup.

Beautiful smile: Gain confidence again when you finally get rid of the teeth stains that never seemed to go away. Say bye to the yellow, stained teeth and say hello to a polished smile!

Improve Your Overall Health: Healthy gums lead to good overall health! Periodontal disease causes gum pockets to increase in depth, which increases a home for bacteria that can potentially travel to your bloodstream and infect other areas of your body like your heart and other internal organs. Keeping up with periodontal maintenance helps alleviate gum deterioration, reduce gum pocket depth and prevent heart disease, allowing you to remain healthy.

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