Mobile Dental Hygiene Services for Assisted Living Facilities

As a mobile dental clinic, we cater to anyone requiring dental care services in their homes. We serve the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding cities, including Oakland, Berkeley, Moraga, Pinole, and San Leandro. Maintaining good oral health is critical for general health, particularly for assisted living facility residents.

On the other hand, those with mobility challenges or transportation constraints may find it difficult to obtain dental treatment. This is where a mobile dental hygienist may help with a quick and efficient solution. Residents may receive expert treatment without going far or breaking their regular schedules by bringing dental hygiene services to the assisted living facility.

Incorporating a mobile dental hygienist into your assisted living facility’s care plan has various benefits for residents and staff. This unique approach to dental treatment has the potential to benefit the entire community by improving oral health and reducing problems, as well as boosting quality of life and increasing independence. This page highlights the multiple benefits that a mobile dental hygienist can provide to assisted living facilities, and if you require our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What Are Assisted Living Facilities?

Assisted living facilities are residential communities created to give elderly people or those who need help with everyday living tasks accommodation, care, and support services. These facilities strive to fill the gap between independent living and professional nursing care by providing a combination of independence and help based on individual requirements. Here are some benefits of mobile dental hygienists for assisted living facilities:


Our mobile dental hygienist services provide oral healthcare to residents in assisted living facilities. This removes the need for residents to leave the facility for dental visits, saving them time and lowering the stress associated with transportation arrangements.

Improved Oral Health

Regular dental care is critical for maintaining excellent oral health, particularly in older persons. Our expert dental hygienists give comprehensive cleanings, exams, and preventative treatment directly at the residents’ doorstep. This preventive strategy helps to avoid dental problems, including cavities, gum disease, and oral infections, resulting in better overall health and well-being for the residents.

Individualized Care

Every resident may have different dental requirements and concerns, which we know. Our mobile dental hygienist services provide specialized treatment based on each resident’s unique needs. Our staff is committed to giving each resident compassionate and careful treatment, regardless of whether it means attending to specific dental concerns or meeting unique requirements.

Comprehensive Services

Routine cleanings and exams are not the only services we offer. We also provide fluoride treatments, denture cleaning, and x-ray services. Our hygienists also educate residents on correct oral hygiene habits and keeping their teeth and gums healthy.


Our mobile dental hygienist services are an affordable alternative for assisted living facilities. Facilities can cut expenses involved with running an in-house dental clinic by outsourcing dental services. Furthermore, preventive dental care reduces the chance of future expensive dental surgeries.

We are dedicated to assisting residents’ oral health and well-being and look forward to working with your facility. If your facility is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Moraga, Pinole, and San Leandro, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support the dental health needs of your residents.